Scripts 4 car rims /weels

l’m looking if there is any scripts to make custom car rims

you don’t need any

any idea how can I start modeling car rims or there is any tutorials for it

I saw your post, so I thought I would give it a try since I had been meaning to model some wheel rims for some time. What I did was to first add a mesh circle with 35 verts. My mags have 5 “spokes”, so this will give 7 segments per spoke to work with. I then did an extrude, and just scaled down the new verts so I have something like a washer with no thickness. I deleted everything but a 7 segment section, so I’ll make one spoke and then duplicate/rotate it to create the whole rim. I then removed the outer two edges from each side. Here’s a pic of what I have up to this stage. Notice that the cursor is still in the center of the whole rim - this is important for different types of scaling:

Now, you need to start extruding, keeping the spoke symmetric about the cursor. You can switch the scaling method using the , and . keys. This will help alot to maintain symmetry. It’s important to use scaling here to define the shape. Here’s where I am now:

Now, you can keep adding geometry, or create the whole rim, depending on the look you are going for. To create the whole rim, select all the verts in edit mode, duplicate them, and then rotate them 72 degrees about the cursor. Do this a total of 4 times and you will have all 5 segments of the rim. After you have done this, remove doubles to get rid of the duplicate verts. Using this technique, I was able to model this rim in about an hour:

said… and done :P… really cool lakcaj

Hey Lakcaj i’m impress it looks simple but your presidure sound a little hard - now can you tell me how do i work out the middle part and whats the settings for that realistic chrome material because it dosent comes out for me.

Nice rim… nice chrome also …any chance you might tell me how you made the chrome …please ?? Thanks.

Lakcaj thanks a lot for the push :rolleyes:- when you have a chance if you can
let me know how do you do the top outside middle part where the wheel goes, I think I have the idea but just to see if I’m in the same side - also the chrome, you dont have to be specific but trow some tips :smiley:

thanks a lot!

Well, I made that render using the sunflow renderer, but it is just a mirror shader with 0.4 reflectivity.

For the rest of the modelling, I’m just extruding verts/edges and scaling them. There really isn’t a great way to describe it… just experiment. Once you have all the segments of the rim duplicated and have removed doubles, select all the outer verts and switch to a side view. Then, extrude them and move them straight back, which was along the y-axis the way I did it. Again, just use scale to move the verts in and out to create the contour.

Don’t worry, I don’t keep any secrets - we aren’t here to compete with each other… but rather to learn from each other.

Sunflow renderer ?? that a good (and free) renderer ??

Yeahh!! I didnt know ether but here:

I have to keep playing with it cause I have problem with the settings and the exporting part doesnt work for me, just go in the website and download what you need!
it look good but you have to play with the settings