Scripts and Addons:

I’m going to dump some scripts from my local folder. You can find the source code here and download an archive here.

Create A Node Group From Math Expression :

I.e. sin(x + 0.1 * y) + z * 2.0 is converted to:

Straighten Vertex Path:
Rather simple but I did not find a tool like his. Might be integrated somewhere. Spacebar-Menu -> Straighten Vertex Path

View to Poly:
View a polygon from above along its normal and align an edge with the x-axis of the screen. Useful in combination with the knife-tool.

Console Utilities:
Run scripts from the Text editor in the console and reset it if you want to.

Hmmm cant download, had to register bitbucket?

Changed the settings of the repository from private to public.

Thanx pink vertes!

It gives an Tool like Straighten the Name is Vertex Tools, i have it on my Keyboard, its more comfortably, and Straighten from EWOC Tools is also. Greetings Eduard.