Scripts and BGE programmer work.

Im looking for a programmer/Scrip writer for BGE.. Im not asking for a script that is made from scratch
but it would be a bonus if you could do that.
It has to be a blender script “Python”

Please drop prices and email or drop a message on my
CE facebook page.

This is what i`m seeking.

+TPS script
With wall collision and hopefully a armature
Setup i can rig to any human model.

+Inventory system
Similar to Resident evil where i can pause the game and
move objects around in boxes, i have almost done this
myself but i need somebody more experienced to do it.

+Weapon Ammo system Only After inventory
I system i can alter with logic Properties to change
different weapons that show/hide and counts ammo
and gives/takes ammo properties i can alter.

My priority is Inventory and TPS.

There is a programmer that makes and helps with gameplay prototypes in BGE, worth checking out.

i have some tutorials i am posting on my webpage: have a lot of game engine knowledge from many platforms and environments, which is why I tell you, it’s a losing franchise.

Link is not working :(, what you mean losing franchise.