Scripts and Blender Game Engine


I created python script that solve equations using runge kutta method. Everything is working as it should be, I created IPO curves as well so I can get keyframes and render things (thanks to your help), but now I am trying to somehow make things interactive - I am trying use Blender Game Engine so I can change input values interactively. I checked some BGE tutorials but werent very helpful because there were no mention about working with existing script. I tried to use Sensors and controllers things (so that if i press UP arrow it will run script), but nothing happened in BGE (i guess i will have to change scene into BGE scene or something like that). I hope I explained my situation clearly and I will be grateful for any help.

Thank you

There are a number of things which could have gone wrong with your setup. In this situation there are two best things to do:

  1. Please check the Python output window for errors when you are debugging something.

  2. We need a .blend to accurately diagnose the issue. :wink: At least, that’s the policy I know at

Im not sure what your asking exactly, but in general you cant use…
“import Blender” or “import bpy” within the game engine, some parts will work, but most wont since the BGE uses its own data and api.