Scripts and Modifiers?

Would it be possible to include commands in the Bolt script (for example) that would automatically create a Bolt Modifier as soon as you add a bolt to the scene so you can tweak the bolt to your heart’s delight according to the original options as many different times as you want and no matter how many different times you might change the bolt’s location?

Why is it that you are only given the opportunity to tweak options in the Operator Panel immediately after creating a new object and can never have access to them again?


It is because the script generates the object, but it does not manage the object.

Would it be possible to create a “Bolt Modifier” script which could be downloaded and installed in Add-ons in order to manage the bolt object?

Being able to adjust original Operator Panel options any time you want sounds like a very big deal to me and would take modeling to a higher level.

You are the expert, so how about telling me/us the way this can be done.

Do Maya and other top 3D programs allow you to adjust an object’s original settings at any time, if so, how do they do it?


iv seen a script that can re edit objects
but need special treatment for this effect
and make the script a lot more complicated i guess

but it has to be built in when doing the script i guess

so i would say it is possible cause i’v seen a script like that a few months ago