Scripts Contrib SVN test release.

I’ve been doing some work here:
here’s the results:
unpack everything into your scripts folder. ( .blender/scripts )
keep the files in folders or you may break some scripts.
you can copy then paste all the files in the bpymodules folder,
into .blender/scripts/bpymodules or merge this folder.
Many changes & fixes have been done to these files.
Please test things out.

Here also is a collection of .blend file scripts that are cool.
Script Examples
These represent scripts that are in svn so they never get lost,
& to represent some very cool algorithms.

Please test & tell any bugs or bug fixes here.

Looks good, thanks.

thanks for that dude, i now have some useful scripts i didnt know existed

Great work.

Just a quick question: I saw that my scripts in the Extensions Project were committed to svn (rev 57). When I upload new versions of the scripts, do I have to notify somebody, or will the updated versions be automatically committed to svn? (case in point)

hi Crouch,
of course you can update directly,
i have this svn set up locally too, so i’ll soon find any updates in the logs.
thanks. :slight_smile:

also your great onionskin script,
the spacehandler needs to be open in the text editor for it to work.
you could embedd the spacehandler in the gui script & have it write to the text editor automatically.
just an idea. :slight_smile:

Ok, no problem then about new versions :slight_smile:

Changing the onionskinning script to just a single file is a good idea. I’ll do that once I find some free time.

Amazing! Thanks so much for these scripts!