Scripts crashing Blender

(Abavagada) #1

I have been using two scripts: Head Make and a tree maker.

With both of these, when I tell them to update, they sometimes start working, then never finish. Control is never returned returned to Blender, and I need to do an End Task on Blender and restart.

I am assuming that this is a memory problem, because I have plenty of disk space to work with. Is there some setting that I need to adjust so the crashes don’t happen as often.

And before it is suggested, I have already downloaded the most recent version of Python [2.2], so that isn’t the problem.


(theeth) #2

Actually, that might be the problem, since the Blender API was build with Python 2.0, so you might was to download Python 2.01 (the most stable 2.0 release) to minimize conflict chances.


(asdf_46) #3

You might try using version 2.04, I have found it to be more reliable for some of my stuff. asdf_46

(Schlops) #4

Uhm, what’s your hardware configuration? Some of the scripts run for a really long time(especially tree maker) till they finish, but that dones’t mean that blender crashed.

(Abavagada) #5

I am running on a Pentium 3, I think, with 64 mgs Ram.

When I say it crashes, I mean it keeps going and going and going.
If you do a CTRL-ALT-DEL, it lists Blender as “[not responding]”, which means it is no longer talking to the system. When this happens, I can leave the system running for hours and it never comes back.