Scripts for EXPORTING paths (AI, SVG, etc)

I’m looking for a script that can export something like a bezier curve for use in a 2D app like Illustrator or Inkscape. I found a 2.49 script for exporting to AE here. But it’s for 2.49 and I don’t know how to update it. Anyone know of a current script or add-on that can export paths? There are a few for importing paths (like Howard Tricky’s awesome exporter), but I can’t find anything for exporting. Thanks for any help!

OH… it is not so difficult to convert (maybe later by me) I will first test it with 2.49 …

Seems to work, exported a Bezier-curve, visible in Inkskape :smiley:

sorry, more work for swf stuff to be done (remind me say over a fortnight again?)