Scripts in Linux

Where are all the scripts in Linux and how do I add new scripts? If I open Scripts window there are no scripts. If I click Update menu I get this error:

Invalid scripts dir: check console

What’s wrong and how do I fix this?

How did you install blender? Find out where the scripts are, and copy them into /home/username/.blender/scripts

notice .blender is a hidden directory. You can find where the scripts are on your system by doing an “updatedb” as root, and then “locate” which is one of the scripts.

“locate” didn’t found anything. I copied a script I found on the internet in the /home/username/.blender and that script is not in blender. If I click Update menus I get the same error as before.

In some linux distributions the provided version of blender is old and does not have any of the scripts. You are much better off downloading a copy from I get the binary dynamic copy with python 2.4, usually no need to build from source.

bzip2 -d then tar xvf perhaps in your home directory then all the scripts will be in the /home/username/blender-2.41-linux-glibc232-py24-i386/.blender/scripts directory.

  1. Did you first “updatedb” as root to update the locate database?

  2. The scripts go in /home/username/.blender/scripts/

where username is your username, ie. dave, or sally. So, you would have


as an example.

Thanks man. It works.