Scripts now accessible from menus (cvs Blender)


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Finally there’s a way to register scripts in Blender menus:

  • Set you scripts dir in Blender: Info Window -> File Paths -> Scripts;
  • Put your registering-enabled scripts in that dir.

To be registered, a script must:

  • be in the right dir (see above) and have a filename ending in ‘.py’;
  • and start with a header like this, in this order (blank lines are ignored):


Name: ‘Script Name’
Blender: 232
Group: ‘Export’

  • optionally, also submenus and a tooltip can be set:


Name: ‘Script Name’
Blender: 232
Group: ‘Misc’
Submenu: ‘Do this’ arg1
Submenu: ‘Do that’ arg 2
Tooltip: ‘Put a tooltip msg here’

Note that the single-quotes are required. For complete info, please check this email to the bpython mailing list:
[note that there’s a typo in the msg content, the correct header start is #!BPY]

And for info on persistent variables, another “new” addition, check:

Two sticky threads should be started here this week, by theeth (Martin), to organize and list the updated scripts. We will try to get a good list of import/export scripts before Wednesday, Jan 28, to be available with Blender 2.32 when it’s released. Blender developer Kent (aka SirDude) keeps a repository at:
that will also be updated with the new scripts.

Thanks for your attention : ).