Scripts wont work, Need help


I’m trying to get a couple of scripts to work with blender, one being a .smd exporter, and the other is a tree making script, Gen3

When I copy and paste the .py’s into the scripts folder, open up blender, use the script menu and update menu, they still don’t show up.

How can I fix this problem?:confused:

If its helpful, when I open up blender it says “checking for installed python…no installed python found”

Can someone help me out please:D?


Install python. Most scripts import items from the python core which doesn not come with the standard Blender install.
When python is installed, you will see a message in the console like this:“Checking for installed python… got it!”

I would recommend version 2.4.4

nope :frowning:

Still doent work

All the scripts that come with blender work, bu I cant add any new ones, because I dont see them in the scripts pop up menu, even after updating it.

It also seems I’m not the only one having this problem.

Please help

First, do what Fligh said over here.

But, it may just be something silly. Make sure that the Gen3 script is with the other scripts, like this:

Then, update the menus again, and look under ‘Misc’:

About the only things I can see that may be wrong (since Blender is finding all of the other scripts) are either:

  1. You put the scripts in the wrong directory.
  2. They’re in the menus, but you over-looked them.


another thing to watch out for is when scripts are distributed they often add .txt to the end of them. so it would be like needs to be renamed to I’ve forgotten to rename the files myself a few time. :slight_smile:

gen3 works without python installed to btw… same with ant landscape generator. (when both of these scripts are used together you can make some awsome scenes with hardly any work on your part)

It worked yay :D!

I was using the wrong file path

Thanks for your help :)!!