Scripts wont work


I’m trying to get a couple of scripts to work with blender, one being a .smd exporter, and the other is a tree making script, Gen3

When I copy and paste the .py’s into the scripts folder, open up blender, use the script menu and update menu, they still don’t show up.

How can I fix this problem?:confused:

If its helpful, when I open up blender it says “checking for installed python…no installed python found”

Can someone help me out please:D?

You don’t have Python installed. Download and install Python 2.4.

yep, Ive installed it now.

even though all the scripts that come with blender work, it cant seem to find the ones that I put into the script folder, even after I updated the script menu.

How can I fix this?

The Gen3 one is (or should be) located in the Misc section of the scripts menu. Tried it myself, and it’s working properly.

It worked yay :D!

I was using the wrong file path

Thanks for your help :)!!