Okay, I just learned how to use scripts (a little) but what I’m missing is how to get them into blender where I can use them. (I know, I’m new, help me out.) I was trying to use the “explode4” script but all I was getting was a blend file. I know I’m getting close, what am I missing?

When given a blend file I expect the script will be in the text editor window pre-loaded. You can run the script using [alt]+[p] (in the text window)

If you have a python file (.py) simply load it in to a text window in blender and run as above.

Yeah but sometimes they just write it out and say “here’s the script”. It’s too long to rekey. How do I get it in there as a .py file?

If it’s in a .blend file you open it in a Text Window and goto File >> Save As (in that window) and save it with a .py extension in a folder where you will find it again.

If it’s something you download on the web then C&P it into Notepad (don’t ever use Word or similar as it will mess with tabbing / indents and the file won’t work) then Save it, at the bottom of the Save window select “All Files” and give it a .py extension.

Now you can load it from the folder (you remembered because you called it “MiscScripts”) by going to the Text window and clicking on the Up/Down arrow and selecting “Open New”.

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