Scrogtis (sculpt)

I sculpted Scrogtis in about 20 minutes (starting with a cube) and was overall satisfied with the direction it went. But what do you think the texture should look like; in other words how do you image Scrogtis to look like. Are those knobs bony, is he Green, yellow? is The thing on his forehead metalic or organic? etc

Just give me your first impression. Note: The mouth is horrible. I haven’t found a good way to do the mouth in sculpt, so I’ll probably have to do it in edit mode. Also, I guess I’ll have to retopo it before I can texture it. would you agree?

Not bad. Better than i can do. He looks a bit like an under water creature. Especially with the ear things on the side of his head. Something like a creature that walks around on the sea floor. Alien ofcourse! I’ have to say the thing in the middle of his head would be metal. You might want to get rid of some of the lumps. Like for the eye brows. They seem a little to far out. But good work!

Interesting, using the new sculpt on the CVS build?

My first impression was Aztec, and that you should make him all stoneworks and inlay into a larger mozaic.

Pretty good though.

Yeah, I was thinking maybe scaly, so underwater type would work great, and would allow me to make a composition in mirky water where I wouldn’t have to add to much other background.

The stone idea is also good. I’m in Mexico and have visited aztec temples and seen a lot of stone work gods etc.

Maybe a scaly stone creature at the entrance to a sunken aztec city!