Scroll Tanks - Top down(ish) tank game

I present to you my game project, Scroll Tanks, a game where you are a tank, you move, the terrain is generated randomly, and you have to defeat enemies and not let anyone of them get to your base. Kind of an infinite runner, but it is not always a constant speed, and you can stop. It has a low-poly art style, just so I don’t have to focus on trying to make it realistic (something a bit hard in the BGE).

Currently you can:

Some features:
-Tree spawning
-Ground spawning
-Ground movement (the player’s position is always [0.0, 0.0, 0.0], unless Physics says otherwise)
-Ballistic aiming

Features that I still need to add:
-Various ground types, so it is not always flat
-Physics (as the ground moves, not the player, it causes some weird jumps on the player)
-A lot more

I have a webpage showing progress up until now, mainly the Ground Movement, tree spawning, and this video:

Webpage thread (BNStudios):

I know the fire-rate and turret speed are too high, they will be decreased.
Turret speed is so high mainly because I am using TrackTo, and as it is not a constant speed, the efect is not so noticeable

I love this style of graphics and games with a simple gameplay goal. Can’t wait to play it !

Looks great! Keep it up! : D

It’s looking great but I think the trees sway too uniformly.

Thanks for all the replies! Ufortunately, as I am on holiday, I won’t be able to do any progress directly in the game. I will however make models, scripts, etc.

@Nicholas_A Yes, do you mean that they all sway at the same time, or that they always sway the same? Or both? Anyway, as I’m not really good at animating, this is the best thing I can do, maybe alter the speed. If you have any ideas or can help me, please do so. :slight_smile:

Wow, it is great, well done!

A quick thought:
Because the ground moves, the tank (which is a Rigid Body), gets bounced upward. It produces some weird things, so I think I am going to remove the ground movement feauture, replace it with normal movement of the tank, and be ready to move on to the next thing. Also, does anyone know how I could make the trees fall (like normal trees, not like a complete rigid body) when they are hit by the tank or by a bullet?

Here are some defensive building I made. Any tips are greatly appreciated. I also made some bushes, but I can’t attach them because the limit is three. Anyway, when I finish more models (cactus, other tanks, rocks…) I will make a video about it.

Note that these images are rendered.


Looks awesome! Keep up the hard work. :slight_smile:

I made some new models, which are some bushes and two new tanks (from WW2), one is a Heavy Tank (Tiger I) and the other a Tank Destroyer (JadgPanther). I thought I could add more tanks, such as enemies, to the game, but the enemy AI is something that I haven’t developed a lot. Anyway, here are some renders:


OK, finally returned from holidays and I have access to my computer and project. There was a big stop in development due to holidays unfortunately. I have implemented the KX_VehicleWrapper into the game, which allows for suspension, etc. Next I will try to do something between these 3 things:

-Tree falling (I’m close, shouldn’t be too hard, just applyImpulse() when collided)

-Track deformation (the tank tracks should deform, either with a Rigid Body Chain or some vertex movement and KDTree magic)

-Enemies (turrets, flamethrowers and tanks, as above)

Anyway, here is a video demonstrating the physics and suspension (unfortunately the Ground Control movement had to go):

I just watched your video…this is looking promising…fun fact…I have piloted(driven) an abrams m1 a2, a 577 and a 113 when I was in the military…and your movement looks pretty correct in the way they turn and general movement…for a game, I understand this is no tank simulator, but it is looking good.

It is not War Thunder or anything, eh? But anyway, I am working on getting enemy turrets spawned, which I managed to do, but the gun firing and stuff need some rework. I will post a video when I complete the turret firing and destroying. BTW the physics are using the Vehicle Wrapper. The physics just need some tweaking like mass, horsepower and such.

Also, was the driving cool?

…cool…let me know what your issues are with firing…I might be able to help…

as far as driving the tanks…I guess it could have been fun…but the military has a way of making nothing fun…just comes with the territory I guess.

I added enemy turrets to the game, which are stationary and shoot at you.
Other features include_
-HUD stuff:
-Tank schematic/display
-Health bars
-Hit direction marker

I plan on adding enemy tanks next, or terrain differences, also some work on the spawner

I like the cubed shaded look with very simple/no textures… nice job, keep it up!

So, I implemented some simple tracks bending using bones. This way, the tracks actually follow the wheels :slight_smile:

I am also working to get other tanks that you can play with (and in the future against, as enemies) in the game, for example a Tiger I. I also made controlling the tank with a game controller possible. I will show them in the next video if I can.

A new tank! The Tiger I, a ferocious WW2-era German tank, has made its way into Scroll Tanks! It is very cool, and the first step of implementing more tanks into Scroll Tanks. Coming up will be: T34-85, M4 Sherman, and maybe some more modern tanks, like The Leopard 2!

Apart from that, let’s kick the video off with some more track bending examples, where the tank goes over some bumps, demonstrating the full potential of the tank physics.

And last but not least, controller support, including PS4 and Xbox 360. In this video, I am demonstrating with an Xbox 360 controller, but it is mostly the same for all game controllers.

Here is the video itself. I put a lot of effort into editing this one, and my editing skills will (hopefully) continue to improve!