Scroll wheel problem

When I start blender, it works fine until after a while the scroll wheel on the mouse stops working is there anyway to fix this? Or should I tough it out?

What operating system?
[and graphics card too]

because that is pretty odd

I have windows XP and my graphics card is MSI FX5200 (geforce 4) 128mb card

I suggest new drivers, if there are any.

I fixed the problem, for some reason my firewall was poping up behind blender and I couldn’t see it.

hi, I encountered very much the same problem. after some time or when changing layers the wheel mouse doesn’t work anymore. in my case it isn’t any program popping up in background. so is there some way to fix this problem? for now I have to close blender and open it up again, but thats pretty annoying if you have to do that every 10 to 15 minutes. I use winxp and a ati m10 graphicscard. hope someone can help.
greets manne