Scroll wheel to edit values ala gimp, to scroll up and down hoover over scroll bar.

I love the way gimp and many other programs have the ability to change parameters by scrolling the scrollwheel over a parameter.

we can do this already by pressing ALT , however having to do that takes the fun away, I once asked Ton about this and he told me they had done it with alt bacuase scrolling was already done without, then i said , „ you can scroll by hoovering over the scrollbar and scrolling there“ and he though it was a good idea, but never got implemented, many years after i still would like to have this feature … what do you think ?

Not a huge fan of the idea for the same reason Ton brought it up. And if you have to go to the scroll bar to scroll, then you may as well click and drag the scrollbar.

Of course, I typically like to MMB+drag instead of scrolling, but that’s just me.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Gimp or any other program allow this inside an area that is itself scrollable. When inside scrollable areas, Gimp and almost everything under the sun, uses mouse wheel to scroll the area.

I think we could do what you ask only if we do what Gimp does: not have those inputs within a scrollable area, but I can’t see how that is possible. Your idea of having to hover over the scrollbars to scroll would suck and would be so non-standard. So your small benefit (not having to hold alt while scrolling input values) has a much larger downside than it is worth.

the thing is that changing values with scroll wheel is so cool… and useful