scrolling Light ( blend included)

This is just a quick question. In the blend rightarrow darkens light and left arrow goes in opposite direction. i don’t like the way it works. If you press right arrow it will darken and left arrow will lighten but it starts from the last frame.(the wat i set it up) It looks odd What i want is to darken scene then if i want to lighten scene right from the frame i last was on. so it looks smooth not starting form the last frame. the blend will explain it better. open blend darken about half way then use left arrow to lighten The frame jumps to the last frame to do this. i just want to darken then from wherever i stopped reverse instead of going to last frame. i wrote this and i am confused :confused:



lightscroll.blend (129 KB)

I recommend the property mode ;).

Very usefull in many situations


lightscroll_fixed.blend (35.7 KB)

that works great. can i change the world colors with ipo? I can hook it up the way you showed me but the ipo does not seem to move . Here is what i did/ First, I select camera add ipo (world) change the colors i want then hook up logic bricks. I go through camera view. When i am in game i press a key but nothing happens. I was thinking maybe the world colors for 2.49 can’t be changed, or is it because i have more than one ipo hooked up?


Unfortunatly the world is not an object. So IPO wouldn’t work. Lets see what the API says… sorry there is nothing in there. At least I do not see it.


Move up to 2.5, study a bit of scripting and you can easily change background color, ambient color, mist etc using the functions in bge.render.

Ahhhh you are right: Rasterizer!

you can change the color ith Rasterizer.setAmbientColor(rgb)

Unfortunately 2.57 does not work on my computer. Thanks, i will try monster’s idea