Scrolling on mobile sometimes has an annoying jump

Whenever I scroll on a longer topic (with enough post to experience this) there’s a point when even the slowest-tiniest scroll movement makes a jump more than the screen’s height. And it’s permanent - if I scroll back it jumps back and again down. This means if it happens there’s a portion of posts which I’m simply unable to read because it jumps out from the screen in both direcion. Pretty annoying. : )
I’m on an iPhone6s and I experience this in both mobile Safari and Chrome.
Anyone else?

Also somebody already mentioned the auto-emoticon popup. Yes it’s very annoying (can I turn it off?) but it’s even more annoying as I see it like this:

Finally can someone tell me what’s this “new personal message” popup and why is it appearing on top of my posting?

Please provide hardware specs + a URL for testing.

Giving an URL was a good idea as I had to test it further and found out that it happens around advertisements. Either 2-3 posts above or right under them. It was not evident as it doesn’t happen when I’m at the ad. And it does not jump to the ad. It jumps to right above it.

It worths mentioning that I don’t see any ads… they are empty spaces with a small title “advertisement”

I’m on an iPhone 6s and I don’t have any mobile adblocker (I don’t think I could have one anyways)

Example URL:

With all this said will there be ads on the site? And can I opt out from them by paying a little fee? :smiley:

I can’t reproduce it on my iPhone 6. For now, I suspect it may indeed be caused by the ad placeholders - hopefully they’ll activate soon (I’m waiting for Google) and then I’ll check again.

And yes! I’m actually considering setting up a Patreon integration that would give people an ad-free site. I’d much prefer that, in fact. Running this site isn’t cheap, so we’ll have to make something work :slight_smile:

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