Scrolling using edges of screen

Hey everyone,
Im trying to make a Simcity like game and I am trying to work out how to get the camera to scroll when you put the mouse on the edge of the screen. So I made an empty, parented it to the camera and set the directions using logic bricks. I then put four thin invisible strips on each side of the camera, parented them and set them up so when Mouse over it sends a message to the empty to move foward.

When playing putting the cursor to the top only makes the camera move foward and never stop. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? I could upload a blend file if it helps.

Please do post a .blend. It always helps.


Yea, post the .blend.

Ok here’s the blend cut down to the camera etc


There are some issues with the message sensor it seems, so don’t use them in this case, just directly tie sensors to actuators wherever you can. Or use python.


Thanks Social, it works perfectly! This is the first time I’ve seen directly tied sensors and actuators, another thing to play around with

I will be sure to put your name on the credits if the project makes it that far :slight_smile:

Simcity game, huh? That should be cool. :slight_smile:
Look forward to some screens…