I wanted to create old Scrooge from Dickens " a Christmas carol" as i thought he’d be a fun character to model. i originally envisaged the scene where he was approached by the ghost of Jacob Marley, but time constraints led to a simple portrait of scrooge being all miserable and Humbuggy about the whole thing right before his spiritual encounter.
sculpting modelling etc :all blender
textures: Blender, photoshop, Gimp.
post pro: Gimp

I really like the wallpaper texture in the background, may I ask what you used to make that?
The skin texture for Scrooge looks way too harsh, it’s the colour more than anything.

I love the novel though, and was waiting to see if someone would do a render related to it. I think you did well. (:

thanks, i had a lot of problems creating the skin, it took me a while to learn how to use the stencil tool in texture painting. i’m still not that comforable with it and there is a lot of clone brush usage. the wall paper was just an image that if found using CCsearch for creative commons licences victorian walpaper. i then trimmed it to a tileable square and converted it to a bump and specular map in Gimp. ( i think, i may have used photoshop, i was kind of jumping between the two, but the method is pretty much the same. create black and white images and run a high passfilter/grainextract layer depending on the program.)

No problem. (:
Skin is very hard to carry off well, I agree with that. If you haven’t already done so, you should check out Ben Simonds’ skin tutorial over on his blog. Here’s the link:
I see, I was just wondering how you did the pattern, as at the moment I am making a rug which requires a curved pattern too. I’m using Inkscape to trace a reference photo into a vector.

cool will check out that link. i went with the cg cookie tutorials by kent trammel on modelling a human head but he uses the project paint addon which sadly no longer works with current versions and i had to figure out how to use the stencil function, which i can see has the potential to be awesone, i just found it awkward to work with. but as they say, practice etc.
the texture i used was this one as you can see it is already kind of tiled i just cut out a square that would continue to tile then de saturated a copy and as i said, created the bump map and a spec map from the black and white copy. could use crazybump or similar process, but Gimp/photoshop can do it easily anyway

I hope it helps you, although it is more a material setup rather than a full-fledged tutorial like those on CG Cookie. Agh, I thought I was the only one to miss that addon, I’ve played with the stencil but found that I try to avoid using it as much as possible.
Ah, good find. My first reaction was that you should have included some of the grunge that is has on the edges. If you decide to add to this image further, why not paint in some damp/mould into the edges and corners of the room? Scrooge doesn’t strike me as the sort of person to care about whether it’s there or not, plus, this is 1843, so buildings aren’t going to be too well ventilated.

thats a great link thanks Kents video didnt really explain so much about the settings, so having them explained like that will be useful for future projects. I’m not so sure about the grunge, he was tight and his house was old but he had house staff ( they pretty much loot the place when he dies!) and he would have had the best out of them. he may not have indulged in trinkets and stuff but it would have been clean.

I’m glad it was useful, you should check out some of the other tutorials on Simonds’ blog if you have the time. I picked up some really useful advice from him.
That’s a good point actually (I need to read the story again…), Something placed in the corner would make the room look less empty, though.
It would be nice to see a few other scenes from the story, too. The scene where the Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come shows Ebenezer his own gravestone would be a good one. Heck, you’ve got me thinking about what other books would make interesting renders now.

yeah, that sounds like fun, the scene where he meets christmas Present would be good with the feast and stuff all over! :slight_smile:
i did try to add a bit if furniture to the corner, but it looked rubbish so i took it out