Scrub through timeline using mouse

I remember with older version of Blender i could scrub through the timeline using alt + mouse scroll. In the last couple versions, not sure from which, this doesnt seem to work anymore.

Is it a certain setting? Ive checked key bindings/shortcuts and saw frame -1/+1 uses alt +mouse up and visa versa. But it doesnt work???

still works - 2.76.RC2 (default), only change done - check: Emulate 3 button mouse

Blender 2.75, load factory settings, Alt + mouse scroll scrubs through the timeline.

What have you changed from the default settings ?

Sorry, ive should have posted some more info on this and my system. Im using mac with a mighty mouse, therefor i have emulate 3 button mouse. But i dont think its cause of that, in other versions i also had this mouse.

When i use factory settings it still doesnt seem to work??

Im still wondering whats causing this, still have this is and was always very handy to scroll through it with the mousse