Scrubbing and Lip Sync in 2.93

I just upgraded to 2.93 and have a problem with scrubbing the timeline and the audio. In previous versions of Blender you could advance the time line (scrubbing manually) and still her the audio track. This no longer works for me in the newest version. I have checked the same boxes as before in the set-up but the audio doesn’t work while attempting to scrub with the mouse or advancing frame by frame. This makes animating lip sync impossible in 2.93. I have also experienced this while using the editor.
Please help.

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Hey, I just updated to 2.93.0 and it didn’t work initially, but I switched to Preferences > System > Sound > OpenAL -OpenAL Soft and it started to work. This is on a linux computer but maybe that will help. It was set at Pulse.


Boom!! That did it!! a59303, you’re awesome!

That’s Great!