Scrubbing in the 3D view?

I’d like to scrub my animation with the 3D view maximized. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!

[Ctrl] + Arrow Up to full screen?

Because the 3D Window uses a large number of mouse combos for navigation while modeling, I don’t think there’s a means of scrubbing the timeline directly in the window. Could be wrong though, it’s worth a manual search.

It’s not that difficult to customize the screen layout to optimize (but not maximize) the 3D Window and still have a Timeline window to scrub in. I set up the 3D window on the left with a Timeline beneath it, and the right side of the screen is a column of various windows as needed. That column can be reduced to virtually nothing by dragging the divider, and the Timeline reduced similarly until there’s just enough space to scrub in. This gives you about 95% the screen space for the 3D Window as with it maximized, even more if you’re using a 16:9 aspect ratio and viewing through the camera.

Herm, I swear there used to be a way of doing this… I understand that you can reconfigure the window to maximize the 3d but that’s not really helpful in my situation.

Also, its not as efficient when animating to always have to reach for the timeline in order to scrub an animation.

shift + up? or shift + right… one of those is what I use. I think it jumps 10 frame at a time, but I think there’s a way to skip frame by frame.

[CTRL UP] Full screen

[LEFT] [RIGHT] Scrub by 1 frame

[UP] [DOWN] Jump to the next/previous keyframe

[SHIFT UP] [SHIFT DOWN] Scrub by 10 frames

[SHIFT LEFT] [SHIFT RIGHT] Jump to the beginning/end of the timeline

[CTRL DOWN] Leave full screen mode

Anything else? :wink:

haha I knew someone would check up on those :smiley: Very useful , I’m gonna remember these now :slight_smile:

alt+mousewheel scrubs through the frames, or alt+a to playback

Thank you all for your most generous help! Testscreenings that’s exactly what I was looking for! You win the Golden Internets for the day! Gexwing comes in second with a very helpful addition. I can finally use my Tablet touch wheel for something!