Scrubbing in viewport skipping parts

Hi, I’m trying to animate a bouncing ball and the animation, when I scrub the timeline, doesn’t show the full animation unless I scrub at the right speed. Is this correct, is there a way to adjust this behavior? I think its dropping frames but it just doesn’t show the full animation.

EDIT: Here’s a gif showing the behavior, the first run is the problem/questionable behavior and the second is slow with all the animation intact.

So I guess my question is; When animating do I have to be careful of the speed I scrub or is this not an issue or is there a setting for this?

Anyone have any ideas?

Hey, if thats a 2.7x file, post it and i will have a look to see if it acts up for me.

Here it is:humane-rigging_2.blend (628.4 KB)

Also, did you see my reply to your constraint question? A day or two ago?


Turn scrubbing on in the playback section of the timeline.

You mean audio scrubbing? Doesn’t do it, still have to go the right speed.


Hey, I have been away from my pc for a few days. I looked at your file and I see what your referring to, it just does not ‘update’ what seams to be more translation than rotation when scrubbing to quickly back and forth, especially there at the first bounce but really I got it to ‘act up’ every where. But since it ‘plays’ fine, that means it will render fine, but it is a bit deceiving I do say.

I am not sure, you might have to refresh my memory :upside_down_face:

Yeah, but working on a animation, one does not render to see the outcome. I guess people are just careful when working on animation. Otherwise how can you get the timing when you can’t see?

True about rendering, I just thought I should mention that. Hitting play is the only way to see what is happening due to the fact that it all goes off of ‘time’ which is really ‘frame by frame’ - which is what blender (API) expects - particularly true for ‘drivers’.

I guess that makes sense. Just curious, do you know if one could script an addon so that the scrub would delay so that the playback would be at framerate?

Thanks for the responses.

You might want to just use a playblast. A fast screen render that you can do for just the timings. I think there is an addon somewhere to help crank down the screen timing so it goes fast. Take a look at the workbench documentation for help on how to set it up. Sorry I misunderstood your issue. I thought you couldn’t move the scrubbing LOL.

Actually, lots of media editors do this. If you scrub ahead too fast, they stop trying to display the intermediate frames and just try to keep up with the frame that you’re then pointing at. Otherwise they would inevitably lag behind, and that wouldn’t feel right.

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No problem. I’m just trying to see the animation as I make it.

That’s true then, I was trying to think if that was the case or they kind of lagged behind like a spring/rubber band.