Scud - Yafray Render

I am playing around with Yafray - figured it was time to learn this stuff.
After much testing - I came up with this image.
Link to high res

if you would like to download the blend files you can get them from my gallery page


Wow, I don’t see why no one else has posted yet. This is some great stuff! I would tone down the specularity on the first image and change the lighting some so it’s more ambient (perhaps GI).

I have no critique for the second image at all. You’ve done fantastic work of both. Can’t wait to see more!

Looks good. Only thing I can see that might need a small change is on the second image the cone of the missle looks too jagged, needs to be smoothed, but it looks like you did it for the scene render so you may have fix already. And one other thing, that I see a LOT in vehicales with wheels is that no one bothers to creat the axles and all that good stuff underneith the body, and with the reflection you have in the second image you can see that it’s not there very easily, even some in the first one. Overall though nice work on the details!

Wow, that is hot :o The first shot with the sand in the air looks so good. The truck itself looks great as well. I just can’t seem to figure out how to model machines like that… wow…

I don’t think that this guy has made the modell himself, If you read the second picture at the bottom:

Modell from 3D Cafe

So this is just some Yafray test’s.

Tell me if I’m wrong!

Many thanks for the crits… not much gets past you guys. The model is from 3dcafe - I should have mentioned that. Basically I am testing yafray. You are welcome to use the setups to put your own models in. The online blender docs were very helpful in learning the light settings to use with yafray. Also I am now getting abetter understanding of the relationship between the world color and the emit pwr for the the skydome in yafray. These blend files are available at my website - the link is in the first post. I agree about the specularity on the model. … too high… also I seem to have lost the windows on my copies in the backgrounds.

The sand is a blender stucci texture, with a bump map for the tire tracks. I found that yafray did not like .psd, or .bmp… So, I used a jpeg for the bump map. Also yafray did not like using a packed texture.

The sky has a bit of photoshop postprocess.

Oh yeah the fog - I used blender’s mist distance setting - I read that yafray only considers the distance setting - seems like it would make more sense to use the start setting rather than distance… still trying to understand that.

Blend On!