Scull sculpt

As part of my quest to learn how to sculpt portraits I did a scull. It seems like everybody has to do one. A moderate level of detail. Scull-pted in Blender. A simple procedural material and a free hdri background. Comments, critique and suggestions welcome.


damn looks creepy
the material looks a littl off, bonse are somhow specuar and reflective, and not to mention the color
i am not sure mybe add some blury reflection , the roughnes material looks great, just bring up the reflection

this is just an opinion, i might be wrong though

This is almost perfect… almost a little too perfect…

If you could make the teeth have a little discoloration and maybe missing one or two, raise the jaw a bit, considering most people have a bit of an over bite and place it in the dirt…

… This could probably be used in some sort of production piece. Great work!

It’s my guess that this is a female skull. Am I correct?

Thanks. You are correct about the overbite. I fiddled with it a lot but didn’t quite get it right. I agree about the teeth too. I lost patience and just slapped on a simple material.

No, it is supposed to be male. Fairly well developed brow, squarish eyes, strong jaw angle.

Just recovered from the bog below so the color is from the dirty water :slight_smile: It was mostly a sculpting exercise so the material didn’t get the love it deserved.

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I can see from what you told me that it is a male. from the skull skething models I have seen, the male skull is a little bit more wide. The female skull is taller and more thinner. I have seen men with thinner heads. Did you sculpt this skull from a reference?

Yes, I have an anatomical plastic model. It has a rather narrow face so it doesn’t look like He-man exactly. Maybe the camera distorts it a bit too. I posted the raw sculps on artstation.

I took at a look at the link you showed me. The camera lens does look like it distorted the proportion on it. Looking at the front view snap shot, It has the wider look to it.

That looks freakin great!. Nice job. How long did it take you in total?

Thanks. About a week, 1-2 h a day I’d guess.

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Awesome work! I recently tried to model a scull and I know how difficult it is to get the proportions correct! The nose in particular looks amazing. Now that you’ve got the scull to a very detailed point I would remove the mirror modifier and add a touch more asymmetry. It looks very perfectly mirrored, especially around the chin and forehead. Giving it a little touchup sculpt will help with believability. Great work!

I agree. That would help.