Sculp Critique

I’ve started with blender something like 7 days ago, thinking mostly in learn blender cycles and sculp. In this time i learn and do my fist sculp, a personal character hair… but that was an ugly fail, so i am working to do it with Maya Nhair (it’s other project). So i start to try again with the sculp, but this time watching tutorial like Zacharias tutorials ( ) and here is the render of this first sculp. I made almost everything in blender sculp (i model the head in maya and some color correction in photoshop) and base my work on Danny’s work ( )

Danny’s work*

Here is my sculp

So, please, tell me what can i do to do it better and if it’s any tool, where can i find it in blender (i keep a little lost)

I think it looks really cool like it was carved out of wood, and you’ve captured the feel of the original art. One obvious thing is that it’s very stiff since it is not posed yet but I suppose you want to finish the sculpt first. The boots are a bit to smooth compared to the rest of the character and could use a bit more attention; the rest of the character is all harch edges so they stick out a bit in comparison.


Thanks! I wasn’t sure about the boots, and what to do; so it give me a better idea. I’ll finish it in this days (and the other critiques i get) so i could start to pose it.

Thanks, i’ll work on it to then pose it n,n

This is great, definitely keep going. I like the angular look of the hands in the sketch, the thumb in the sculpt seems too big and smooth. Great concept!

foldings are too big for that kind for fabric and at stomach area you need tuck it, now its looking shell bcoz at belt area have outside and upper folding are going inside.

sorry for my crappy english.