sculpt beast

just a 1 night sculpt. Not really detailed, but also with this resolution it was hard to sculpt.

Looks nice… I hope to see this textured…

Exactly what Eradicor said :slight_smile:

A one night sculpt? Can’t wait to see you do a “few days sculpt” of a real human. Great skills!

/ Mats

awesome head O_O
i think you should consider texturing it as well

great! with a beer-belly huh?

U sculpted that?!?! 1 night?!?! daaaooom!

Looks fantastic.

I’d say it’s a little to lumpy looking though. The tendons(Or whatever those things are) stick out a little too much.

But still, it looks great, and I’d love to see it textured. :smiley:

Very nice sculpt!!!

thanks for comments. Probably will have no time to texture that thing, but it’s going to be used in my later project:)

It looks nicely, but definitely not finished. At least you plan to use it somewhere, so there is a chance to see it completed. The beast looks like it has been swimming in acid a lot.

How many polygons are there?

Are those things hanging out in the back legs err smm?