Sculpt Broken

I have a mesh of a human figure which is somewhat detailed in its form, but when i try to take it to the next level and use sculpt to get the fine details, it acts oddly.
Sculpt will only act normally with smooth and grab…the draw function adds when it says subtract, and subtracts when it says add…not only that, but when it does do these things, it does them in a weird and incorrect manner…any ideas as to how to fix this? thank you!

I guess you have problems with normales. Normales must be recalculated outside

tried that, didn’t work…

i figured out exactly what is making it act oddly…when i use draw on the front axis of the character, everything protrudes when add is on as it should, but when i use draw on the sides, it does the opposite. It is the reverse with subtract draw on.
Has anybody had this problem before?

If it helps, here is an image of my sculpture…the brush is set to subtract draw, and it does just that to the front of the face…however, to the side as you can see, it adds, leaving a tumorous lump on his head.
hope this helps.


what is the version of your Blender ? Some of pre-2.47, for example, have a bug like this.
Do you use ‘official’ build?

no actually, i used the 2.47…hmm, maybe i should just use 2.46?


For what I see the problem should be in normals… I as well had this problem when sculpturing. What you should do is to go to the edit mode of your mesh, select Draw Normals Outside, increase the size to total and you should see if everything is turned right… You can also try ctrl + n (recalculate normals outside) but the option doesn’t work well if you are using multires…
I believe those are the corrections to your problems…

Best of Luck!

Fort Ash

i figured the problem out. the mesh was subdivided, mirrored, and split down the x axis with ALT D to create mirror editing, and if i choose the original mesh, not the other side, it works fine.