Sculpt brush has become "square"...

Hi all,

Posting here with a question on how to correct an issue that just randomly happened.

I’ve been working with the sculpt tool (using 2.49) and have found it a great way to model various organic objects to be simplified via Decimate for use in low-poly applications (ie. games).

Yesterday, however, in the middle of an editing session, Blender crashed on me. Not sure what triggered it… I was working with the sculpt tool and, boom, the program crashed.

When I restarted the program and began a new sculpting session, the brush was square, but with a slight rounded bulge going toward its center. No matter how I resized the brush, what settings I used or what kind of tools I used, everything comes out square shaped. I’ve tried the brush shape curve editor, but that’s not affecting it either.

I removed the entire installation and reinstalled a new one from scratch, and it’s still happening.

No matter what I do, I can’t get the brush to go back to its default round shape.

Any idea what’s going on here, or how to fix it?


do you try restoring factory settings?

Yep, tried that too. Still only square shapes being created. Can’t get it back to round.

Here’s A Screenshot

That shot demonstrates the different modes… grab, draw, etc… All of them come out with those harsh, square edges. Tried toggling different settings, and so on… Nothing’s fixing it.

Seems that others beside me have wierd spontaneous bugs in blender, I was thinking it was just 2.5 but looks like you are using 2.49.

I once had this same problem. I made a new blend file and it went away, go figure. All I can figure is that somehow it is sculpting with the bounding box?

Quick Update…

So, I tried to use Blender3D 32-bit. I’ve been using 64-bit, so I thought “maybe it’s some 64-bit specific glitch”.

But, no dice. 32-bit is doing exactly the same thing.

And the thing is… it just started happening, since the program crashed that one time. Up until then it worked beautifully.

Very very odd.

Kind of a bummer that no one seems to have any clue of how to fix it. :-/

Attach an example blend file in case it is a particular setting you have.

Try deleting .B.blend, it is possible the crash corrupted it.

Tried that, but same thing.

Also remember that I completely removed Blender and reinstalled from scratch, so that file would have been recreated. Also, that it happens in both 2.49 and in 2.5. So it’s not even restricted to one version of the program.

Post a screen of your brush weight curve. If the curve is to big the brush will become square.

Here you go. Hopefully this will give some insight.

Something funny I noticed while putting this together… I seem to get smoother results if I’m sculpting facing directly at the surface. If I rotate it to either side (to get a better perspective on what I’m doing) is when it gets messed up.

Thing is, before it got messed up, I could be doing it from any angle and it always worked fine, so something is still goofing up somewhere.

Thanks again!


SculptSample.blend (482 KB)

Well the curve should be in the demo file I uploaded… Thing is, I’ve been using the default curve and, again, it’s always worked fine. Like I said, I’ve tried everything from modifying settings to completely wiping out blender and reinstalling it from scratch with all “factory” default settings… Same thing every time.

Use Ctrl+A / 1 in object mode to reset each axis of your object back to 1. At some point you scaled the object in object mode and so each axis has a different scale value.

Perfect! That did it.


You know… now that I think about it, I’d been dragging the edges manually and then subdividing and going into sculpt mode. I started scaling the objects via S / X / 4 (or whatever) around the same time I had that crash, I also didn’t realize rescaling in object mode could throw it off like that… So I didn’t realize it had anything to do with having to reset the object like that.

Thanks again!