(Sculpt) brush idea

Always when sculpting the basic shape with a higly subdivided primitive, the vertices gets very bad placed. What if there would be a brush that made it possible to move to vertices around (like the grab brush) but only move them on the surface!

This would allow us to totaly not care about the topology while sculpting, and then simply move the vertices around and fix every problem.

I tried with duplicating the mesh and move the vertices with proportional falloff with retopo on, but that doesn’t work. :frowning:

However, what do you think about the idea?

I use to duplicate mesh and to add a shrinkwrap modifier: it works like a charm for me :slight_smile:

I agree that such a brush might have useful applications, but for your particular problem you might want to look into creating a better base mesh. If you need a higher density of vertices in some areas, model your base mesh with more polygons in that area. Then, when you subdivide, you’ll have better vertex distribution.

Well, thats the thing. Sometimes you just don’t want to care about the vertice density while sculpting, or you have to quickly fix that. I would find such a feature perfect, but it’s allways up to the developers. Maybe it’s kinda hard to add such a feature…

Multires in 2.5 offers another option: you can go back to the base mesh and subdivide a portion of the mesh; that change will be propagated up to the top level of the mesh.

Well that’s good, that will help a lot! Maybe my idea isn’t so nessesary then. If I someday will learn how to add a feature to blender, this would be one of them however (I’m learning how to code), it’s like an improvet edge slide, but it works on vertices with proportonal falloff. Do you think it would be hard to make?

iv had similar idea alleady: just simple grab brush for move edges on normals (like edge slide on edit mode) that would be usefull for fine tuning model imho … :slight_smile:

how hard will it be to be applied to b-mesh? Or, how hard is it to apply multires to b-mesh in general?

OMG… I already had something like “vert-slide” in mind, working for a single vertex… (kinda interpolating the pos of the vert over every connected edge; also working on non-manifold parts of the mesh) - but multiple at once? Nice :slight_smile:

I guess, it might be, that bmesh will make that possible. (If it wouldn’t already have been)

If such a function will be implemented, maybe there will be an even more complex one, uniformizing the general polygon distribution(of a certain selection), kinda with adaptive area sizing, so that shapes and volume generally keep preserved but edgeloops get smoother…

  • improved smoothing :slight_smile:

Probably not too easy to code, though…

It’ll take some work, but I can’t estimate how much right now. I’m focused on sculpt stuff right now; bmesh/multires comes later.