Sculpt Brush Suddenly Missing.

I was sculpting a little while ago, when I opened the brush panel and noticed that one of the brushes I wanted to use had up and disappeared. In my specific case, it is the ‘Snake Hook’ brush that quite simply is not there. I checked by reopening a new file and it’s still there – it seems to be missing within the bounds of the .blend file I’m sculpting in for some reason.

I have checked online but I could not find a solution. Is there a way to fix this somehow? If it was removed somehow, is there perhaps a way to re-add it? I have attached a screenshot of the panel itself, if it helps at all.


Select a brush, press the + button to create a new brush, then select the Snakehook from the Brush / Sculpt Tool menu
Append (Shift+F1) the Snakehook brush from another blend file that has it

Thankee kindly Richard! That seems to have done the trick.