Sculpt Brush Texture Problem (SOLVED)

I’m trying to sculpt hair using a texture brush, and am having some trouble. Whatever settings I use for Drag and Rake and however I modify the Curve, and however high the resolution of the mesh, I can’t get a smooth stroke like I do with the Basic brush. Whether using an image or procedural texture, I always get the same problem. The texture is just plain black and white, but it paints like it’s full of random noise; all this randomly varying height and spacing.

What’s causing this? Could it be something on my side?

This is gonna sound silly but have you tried doing it with sub on?

Here’s a better example image, and I uploaded the blend here. Does the brush work OK for everybody else? Have I got the settings screwy somewhere?

I have, and it exhibits the same problem! I’m thinking it has something to do with polling frequency, but need some help to figure out if it’s a bug or maybe some kind of memory issue.

Lower the strength, it works then.

That was it! A million thanks, Excalaberr!

By lowering the strength, and instead making the texture a little bigger, it works like I’d expected it should. Thanks again!