Sculpt brushes backwards in 2.69?

I started playing around in sculpt mode n the new release 2.69 and my sculpting brushes (stock, no custom brushes) are working opposite of what they should be.

For instance when inflate is selected and set to inflate the brush deflates, and when set to deflate it inflates the mesh. Same thing with F brush, Polish, crease etc. anyone that has the option to either add or subtract is working opposite of the selected mode.

If I go back into 2.66 everything is fine. I never changed any user presets in 2.66 or in 2.69. I looked through the menus for a invert brush selection or something but didn’t find any such animal. Also everything works fine in the other modes I’ve used so far, just the brushes.

Any ideas anyone?

Works correctly in 2.69 for me.
Check your normals
Open a new file and append your scene from your original blend

Thanks for the reply Richard.

It was the normal. Guess that’s what I get for starting with a plane instead of a cube.

Sanity has been restored, I can get back to playing around now.