Sculpt brushes -- changing size of one brush changes size of all others, any fix?

Okay, this is one thing that REALLY annoys me about Blender’s sculpt brushes. Let’s say I’m working with clay strips with a medium sized brush. I realize I want to switch over to crease brush to firm up some edges, so I switch and shrink the brush down to suit my needs. Now I change back to clay strips… and now I have to size the brush back UP to keep doing what I was doing… and so on and so forth with every brush change. I change brushes very often, and often use certain brushes at specific sizes. Like, imagine if in a digital art program changing your paint brush size also changed your eraser size. This is kind of similar.

Is there any tick box or setting that makes brush sizing independent between brushes? I’m guessing not, but I had to ask. Thanks.

In 2.79b there was a “Unified Settings” section in the sculpt options. 2.80 moved it next to the property in the Brush Settings panel.

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I’m so happy this is a thing. Thank you!!

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