sculpt character

I just got a desktop and that means I can finally practice sculpting. This stuff is amazingly fun and fast with the right hardware. I’ve done a little bit before but nothing past 100k polys, it was pretty limiting and frustrating.

I’ll post update if I make progress.

And if something looks stupid, just say so.

What do you mean, “I got a desktop” you bought a new graphic card…? And as to the sculpting, you are a freaking master, that´s all blender, or have a little z there…? Damn you are good…

I always say that buying a portable computer is a waste of money. Nothing like a desktop computer. Or a farm of them!!!

@andrepazlealNo I mean I’ve been using a laptop until now. It was an ok machine but this thing is like a monster in comparison.

I’ve been meaning to try out zbrush for a little while but back in my laptop days, I could barely use blender’s sculpt system; I thought I’d have just as much trouble with zbrush. Now I think I’ll stick with blender sculpt for a little while longer.
Thanks but lol Im not a master yet. The stuff on the polycount forums is the quality I’m aiming for. Those guys are pro.

Exactly! The only reason I ever had one was for portability. I also ended up paying much less for this desktop than that low-mid range little thing.

wow really nice details there major :slight_smile: what rig are you running blender on now? I am looking to upgrade mine shortly to get a bit more power behind it :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent stuff.

Back at you ben. I’m not familiar with the series, but your recent Guide to the Galaxy sculpt was really well done.

Bacon chaney:
Its nothing super fancy, maybe you could even aim a little higher.

win7 64
amd athlonII 640 x4 3ghz (more than I need if I dont include rendering)
4gb 1333 ddr3
ati 4850 512mb
500gb seagate 7200rpm
600w generic psu
everything running at stock speed.

I got the whole setup for around 375 euro.

Made a little bit of progress

cheers for that major,

i think i may be going a little ott then haha. thats a good price you paid for it though :slight_smile: is the hair sculpted in btw? really liking the extra details though i have just noticed something on inside of the wrist, im not sure whether its because of the angle but i am guessing its the tendon, looks very pronounced.

look forward to the progress :slight_smile:

No the hair was painted much earlier. I’m using the new bump map patch for rendering the hair normals.

You were right, the tendons didnt look quite right. I tried putting a little bit more detail into the hand for now.

But meh. I’m not really sure what this character design is going for so I’m gonna leave it here and start something new with a reference or some more planning this time.
This was fun and I learned a lot though.

well i hope you get chance to come back to this at some point :slight_smile: its a really good example of what a bit of time and alot of skill can achieve :slight_smile:

Oh, you make me blush. Thanks :slight_smile:

But I decided to take another stab at this and remove anything that wasn’t necessary from the beginning. I’ve also fixed up a few things here and there. The boots still need to be closed off I think.

I’m going for an airship pilot look from here on in. I like where this is going a lot better than it was when I had no concept idea.

wish I could upload higher res pics but what ya gonna do.

its still coming on well :slight_smile: i think the more you work at it the better it will get anyway so it depends really how far you feel you can take it before its too much :slight_smile: i look forward to seeing it rigged up and in a scene if thats the case :smiley:

Details look great so far. What app are you using?

Blender for everything. I’ve got a multires modifier on practically every object.

A scene sounds like a good idea. A lot of work, but still a good idea. I’ll see what I can do about that.

it will certainly make her look like more of a sky captain :stuck_out_tongue: any idea if shes going to have a crew or be a bit johnny depp-esque crazy and still overcome odds haha?
think a dynamic pose, gritted teeth holding onto the wheel/helm? would look pretty kick ass :stuck_out_tongue: even more so if you can see some signs of destruction/ desperation lol :smiley: its actually giving me more ideas bouncing them off you haha :smiley:

Those Ideas make me grin. I love the possibilities with 3d, its just so hard to do all this stuff.
Mmh, I was kinda thinking a smaller aircraft vessel (biplane size), so no other characters… But what the heck lets see where this goes.

edit: might as well squeeze these updates in here before I head to bed.

In some ways I see her having some De vinci kind of mechanism which she can Carrie and use as flight? Good Idea ?