Sculpt - Curve stroke with simulated pressure?

Cause that’d be nice…

I’m not really familiar with sculpting in blender and I don’t think that there’s any way to adjust pressure for curve stroke, at least not at the moment. But what I can do is tell you that probably the best way to do get the results that you want is to use masking first and then just manually adjust the height on the masked parts before stroking with another brush on it. Hope this has helped you at least a little.

With masking you could adjust the first stroke to be wider and the second one to be thinner, or vice-versa? It would be much easier if you’d showed us what purpose would this function actually serve to you?


Don’t forget to invert the mask down in HIDE/MASK menu when you’re done applying the mask strokes. Only the non-masked part can be manipulated with regular brushes, the masked part is protected by the brushes influence.