sculpt > displacement workflow ?


Could someone please give me a quick overview of the sculpt > displacement workflow, or point me the direction for solid overview of the process.

I have a model that i’ve sculpt to a high level, i now wish to bake this as a displacement map so i can go back to my low res for rigging and animation.

Also, do i have to unwrap the model before sculpting or is it ok to pull back to level 1 then unwrap and maybe shoot back up for further editing??


Thanks to the option which allows baking from selected to Active, you do not need to unwrap the high-poly mesh. Here is the steps:

  1. Make a copy of your object.

  2. Unwrap the copy at a low resolution.

  3. Add a new image to the unwrapped mesh using the UV / Image window.

  4. Make sure the High-poly and Low-poly objects share the exact same location in Blender (having them on separate layers can help. You can work on one layer at a time and then select both layers when you bake.)

  5. Select the High-Poly Object, Shift Select the Low-Poly object. This leaves both selected with the Low-poly being the Active selected object.

  6. In the Render panel, select the Bake tab.

  7. Choose the map you want to Bake (Normal or Displacement).

  8. Choose the “Selected to Active” button.

  9. Click Bake.

I would like to know in more detail about baking displacement maps and normal maps in blender… can u explain in some detail… or atleast point me some tutorial…
thanks in advance

Once you bake, you have an UV mapped Image texture. The following wiki articles go over using Bump / Normal maps and Displacement maps in Blender:

Thanks Matt. Wiki updated