Sculpt grab and snakehook will not activate

So yes I can open a sculpt template from blender and that will work However…

Without doing that and just following some of these instructions like add a cube then subdivide, I get a different sculpt setup that so far is just weird.

It will for whatever reason either let me sculpt but so long as I find a hidden yellow dot by searching with the mouse and then will only let me pull so far out, or not let me do anything at all.

What am I missing?


I see a modifier on the Cube - is it a Subdivision Surface Modifier by any chance?

Yes. It Is.

Well, in this case you need to Apply it.
Sculpting only works with “real” geometry. Until you apply a modifier all that new geometry that you see won’t be “real” - it’s still just a cube with 8 vertices. That yellow dot is one of the corners of that cube.



I didn’t realize there was an extra step to that. Sadly everyone left that part out