Sculpt help

Hello guys.
I just started trying to sculpt a couple of days ago.
I fell i am kind of stuck.

You guys know a good tutorial on finer details ?
Maby a link to sculpt textures.


Hi RonnyB

Nice start to your sculpt, some things that I would suggest that you look at and rectify before you go into detailing.

In the pic attached is what google said is an average man, you need to get your proportions correct.

Keep going.


Hi Shaun.
Thank for the comment.
I was hoping to end up with some kind of cartoonish old viking like character, so i haven’t thought mutch about proportions.
That is allso why, i want to give him and old skin with rinkles and so on.
I see now that paint distorted him, this is how it really looks like.

Made retopo
Think it look great at the moment, still haven’t figured out how to make good rinkles.

This is where im at now.