Sculpt in Blender by etmed3d Update: 12.02.2013

My last sculpt: Boxer Glove:

OpenGL Render + correct levels

Boxer Sculpt

Good job man!

@Duy3 thanks :wink:

My last work with Blender.

Speed Sculpt:

Skull - Sculpt, Texture, Open GL Render

First hand it’s not final. WIP

Next speed sculpt. WIP 1.

Next step sculpt WIP. Head have rotation.

Old Woman. It’s still WIP.

I made Anti Zombie Weapons for my new character. I work now and I try to fast update.

My another Anti Zombie Weapons.
I’m lost some details when I change image scale and I hope looks be better after I baking texture maps.

Next weapon to my collection:

Super doopa work, Man!

Thx. tungee!

are you using dyntopo? these are really cool BTW

@ctdabomb thx. I use classic multires, but I test dyntopo and made charakter. Upload


Nice sculpts! I especially like the skull and the hand :slight_smile:

I must say the hammer troubles me. With this barbed wire it’s more of a danger (or at least, inconvenience) to whomever wields it than the zombies.

@Stan Pancakes thx :wink: Any suggestion helps me, to made better sculpts.