Sculpt: Is new Multires on SVN already?

It seems like development of new Multires tool has been either inactive for a while or it made to SVN already :frowning: I have been checking jms’s website (the guy who builds most recent Win32 all-kind-of-builds, thank you for that) and the latest build is dated as 26/8/2008.
Is it on SVN already? If not, what’s the status on it?
Thank you.

Hey there. The current status is slow. I’m at school again, and I have less time than I’d like to work on Blender. That said, I am still doing work (although I haven’t committed anything to svn for a while), so don’t worry: I will make sure the work goes into trunk eventually.

Hi Nicholas. Glad to hear from you. I will be waiting for a new builds and for the moment when it will get to SVN :yes:

<nitpick>It already is in SVN, just not in the trunk</nitpick> :slight_smile:


Hi nicholas, did you get my e-mail with the ‘reconstruct lower multires level’ algorithm?