Sculpt January 2019

(Joey Blendhead) #1

So I’m using Zbrush for Sculpting and Blender for Rendering, but it still counts…

Day 01 - Topic: Deep Sea (Beast)

Day 02 - Topic: Delight (Mood)

Day 03 - Topic: Chest (Body)

I’ll be uploading the rest in the comments as I make them :slight_smile: Cheers

PS: I literally had 2-3 projects I’ve done in ZBrush before this, so… I’m a ZBrush noob, so the learning curve should be pretty dramatic over the next month I imagine.

(alf0) #3

this looks nice !!!

(Joey Blendhead) #4

Day 04 - Topic: Rotten (Attribute)

(Updated Render, so I deleted my last one. Will be posting Day 05 later today)

(Joey Blendhead) #5

Day 05 - Topic: Spherical (Objects)

(Joey Blendhead) #6

Day 06 - Topic: Tiny (Minimalistic)

Day 07 - Topic: Speed (Motion)

Day 08 - Topic: Jekyll & Hyde (Beast)