Sculpt Lips/Mouth and eyes

Hey Guys,

currently I am working through a course from CGCookie to create a realistic character but now I’m stuck with sculpting the mouth of the character since it’s not explained in the viedeos.
This is what I got so far:

Would be great if somebody could tell me what the next steps would be to create some lips and eyelids for this like building them up with claystrips and crease them in or something.


To be able to place the features properly, you need to focus on the big shape. The cranium is small and employs the wrong shape. The space between the bottom of the nose the bottom of the jaw is short as well.

Do not add any features before fixing major shapes.

Hey kkar,

I’ve been fiddeling on the voloume of the hand and it’s shape now, do you think this is better?



Nevermind this anymore, I found a tutorial that pretty gets me all I needed to know.