Sculpt Mode Add and Subtract Failure at Bounds of Mesh

Hi Everyone,

After watching Jonathan Williamson’s Blender Conference presentation on sculpt and retopo pipelining, I decided to try my hand at sculpting again. Unfortunately I very quickly ran into a problem. When I reach the top of my model’s head, my brush switches from adding to subtracting “clay” without my permission. I noted that the same thing happens on the shoulders. And switching brushes has no impact on the problem. Curiously, when I press ctrl to subtract, I can once again add to these locations. While using ctrl is an apt enough work around, it is still incredible frustrating trying to get the forms right with this method. I tried searching for an answer but “add subtracts in sculpt mode” just isn’t a very good query :spin:.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Does anyone have any fixes? Is this a problem I should write the developers about?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Check your face normals.

In edit mode select all faces and recalculate normals (Ctrl+N)

You might want to check front faces only