Sculpt Mode- Affecting Wire frame but not the 'Mesh'


I am working on a model and completed the ‘shirt’ of this model for the time and got started ont he pants so I can get it lined up with the shirt at the waist. Afte rthat is done I go back to the shirt to finish the sculpting around the waist of it to give it asmooth catsuit look. Well I start sculpting but I see no changes, the mesh is remaining the same… I to edit mode, the wireframe is showing the changes but my shirt is not.

I have made no changes to the shirt in settings since switching to the pants.

Any modifiers?

No modifiers on the top except Mirror since it is a split cube I loop cut and sculpted down to shape.

Strike that, I figured it out! I answered my own question… I had 2 Shapekeys that were stopping me.

This is now solved.

If the pants and shirt are 2 different objects you have to go back out of sculpt mode and select the shirt. You can’t swap objects in sculpt mode.