sculpt mode bug for blender 2.46

can someone please help me? i really, really need this one to get everyone’s attention.
is this a bug or what? can’t use sculpt mode:
like: flat, inflate, draw etc.
all i can use is the ‘grab’ button. can anyone explain this? or should i report it as BUG.

been using blender for more than 2 weeks now, and i really love doin’ some design, modelling, rigging etc. using BLENDER!

am using a mac OSX 10.3.9, with 1.8 ghz processor, with 1gb memory, Geforce FX 5200 (vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) i met all the system requirements.

i already install it to my other PC (windows) and it work! well, except for my mac…

please please help me… thanks in advance… any help will be much appreciated.


here’s my very first render using blender: a vase, glass, with textured floor and wall…


At a strength of 25 the effect maybe to subtle to see. Boast the strength to 100 and then click and drag slowing across the surface of your mesh. See if this works. You may also want to add another layer of Mulitres to get more definition in the sculpting.

still nothing happen, even if i pressed ‘draw’ button, nothing happens, i already set the strength to 100 and tried experimenting, my cube (multires) just seats there, nothing happen… OMG, anyone, can please help me… i really need to use blender… thanks


still, all i can use is ‘grab’ button nothing else… sigh :frowning:

you could try having a higher poly base mesh instead of so many levels of multires

i already did that. and same as usual, my mesh just sits there and nothing happen.

If only I understand you right…

did you try to make normals in order?
If you have misordered normal you should have sculpt unpredictable

Find ‘Mesg tools more’ box in Edit mode and click ‘Display normals’
Your normal should look outside your model for good sculpting

i already did that too. right now am makin’ a human head out of a cube, and i need to use sculpt to create a detailed ear, eyelids, nostrils and lips. i think its a BUG, i already listed my MAC specs, i met all the system requirements for blender 2.46. sigh, i just can’t use sculpt, flatten, inflate etc… ALL I CAN USE IS THE ‘GRAB BUTTON’, thanks for the reply guys…

I think I know this bug. It was just before official 2.46 release but fixed in 2.46.
Probably Mac version still has it.

You can register and report your bug here

Also you can attach your .blend file to your report for better understanding

I get that glitch sometimes, too, actually.

I also get this one glitch where I’ll make some deformation with any tool but the grab tool, and the shading on the model won’t change, as though it’s a texture. It’s pretty bizarre.

thanks for the tip. i do that… i’ll be reporting this today… thanks again guys…

same here SUPER HAPPY COW, u can only use ‘grab’ button. harhar. well, i do hope ‘guys / admin’ from blender can do something bout’ this. co’z am starting to like blender…
BLENDER really rocks (besides from being a free software) :eyebrowlift2:

same here, super happy cow. ur using a mac too?
all u can use is ‘grab’ button :frowning: