Sculpt mode, easy newbie questions

I am in 2.5 working on a mesh in sculpt mode on a newish intel Mac (10.5.8). I have a couple easy questions.

  • Where are all the images of the cool new sculpting tools? This is what I see, attached- if I attached the image correctly.
  • I must have pressed something unawares… now my circular sculpting cursor changes size, but not location when I draw. What did I do, How do I un-do it, and what does it mean?

Thank you. I am having a great time with Blender and you have all been helpful here.


  1. don’t know…
  2. you probably have anchored mode, go to stroke and change from anchored to space.
  1. I see the same behavior if I use a defaults file or open a blend file created with an older version of 2.5 in 2.53. The only way that I could see the new tools and their images (you are missing 9 by way!) was to select “Load Factory Settings” in the File menu. This means that to edit an old file I had to use File->Append to add the old objects to a newer version file. There may be a better way but I couldn’t find one.