Sculpt mode: Growing mask

I have such a question, or maybe a problem.
I’m making mask in Blender 2.91 :slight_smile:

I marked with a mask only a small part of the object. If I want the entire object to be selected automatically, I can use either GROW or FILL. With FILL is such a problem, that I will have a mask on all object in sculpt mode. I want the mask to automatically grow all over the object. I must repeat lot of time GROW MASK. Is there any option, that mask is expanding automatically, only on this on object, where I marked mask at the beginning?

Thanks for help


Look into Mask -> Expand Mask by Topology (default hotkey Shift + A). With that you can hover over a mesh you don’t want masked, press the hotkey, drag out and click, and everything else will be masked (so if you want the opposite effect you can invert the mask).

Alternatively, see if any auto-masking options suit your needs (in the Options dropdown in the top right corner).

Ok, I know that there is such tool like Expand Mask by Topology.
But When I have such a situation

And I want expend mask only on this two objects, Expand Mask by Topoogy is not working vell.

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Why not? Expand mask on the third object and then invert it.